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Google Makes More Changes to Restaurant GMB Visibility for COVID-19

By April 6, 2020 No Comments

We’ve seen a few changes from Google My Business on how restaurants are handled in Maps and some new features on their Business Listings as well. Krystal Taing shared how the “buttons” in the business listing are associated with the “Order Food with Google” feature, which means non-participating restaurants that get these buttons (google just sticks them on things – they don’t get a choice) show users a “sorry this restaurant doesn’t participate” label.

I hope we see this refined as Google realizes that not all takeout/delivery restaurants want to participate with the Grubhubs of the world – especially when thin profit margins are even thinner during the COVID-19 mandates.

Barry Schwartz shared a new temporary look for Google Maps that labels businesses as temporarily closed, offering takeout and delivery, etc.  Sourcing the attributes right in the maps seems like a much better feature than offering pickup & delivery options that go nowhere once clicked.  This screenshot was from my local town this morning.


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