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Google Maps Showing Web Results

By December 14, 2020 3 Comments

Google Maps is now showing web results on mobile and desktop searches. When searching for a business on Google Maps, scrolling down past the Google My Business profile information (NAPW, photos, & reviews), there is a “People also search for” section. Previously, this was the last section within Google Maps. Currently, we are noticing a new section, “Web Results”. 

Web Results Look Similar to Google Search Results

The web results appear to be nearly identical to the results in Google Search for the same branded query you are searching in Google Maps. Look at the example below. A search for “Cash For Junk Cars LLC” on Google Maps shows web results at the bottom of the page. These web results correspond similarly to the results in Search. Although the search is branded, there is a random Facebook page from a competitor in the listings. This also appears in Google Search results.



Thoughts on this New Feature

There is not much more we know about this at the moment. Have you noticed web results showing in Google Maps yet? What do you think are the pros and cons of this new feature?

Brian Barwig
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  • Saijo George says:

    works in Australia as well.

  • Hello there,

    it’s true, I can replicate it here in Germany as well. For our own brand “AllOfficeCenters” I’m being shown 3 “Webergebnisse” at the bottom of the Google Maps entry.

    If I consider your screenshots above, it seems to me that Google purposefully picks a) the company’s homepage (or main page) plus b) exemplary 3rd party platforms that feature the brand.

    Best, Christian Stenger

    • Michael M-Wachter says:

      Yes Tks. the same also on my Google Maps entry!

      any idea how I can delete the 3 entries? one of the entries have dubious contents, no idea where it comes from


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