Google Adds Guidelines for Delivery-Only Food Businesses
Joy Hawkins

While on vacation recently, my kids were extremely excited to try out Mr. Beast Burger. They have a pretty interesting business model as they don’t have their own locations and operate out of physical restaurants.  When you place the order, the food that arrives comes from a local restaurant but is delivered with all the Mr. Beast branding.  While ordering, we were discussing whether or not a business of this type would be allowed a Google Business Profile.

Google just updated its guidelines and added an entire section to cover this business model.  Based on these guidelines, Mr. Beast would be allowed listings and should set them up as service area listings (without an address).

The following was just added to the guidelines:

Virtual food brands 

 Virtual food brands are permitted with conditions. 

 Co-located food brands offering pick-up

  • Food brands that are co-located each must have permanent separate signage. They should display their address only if they offer pick-up to all customers.
    • Delivery-only brands (no-pick up option) out of shared kitchens must hide their address and add service areas to that specific brand to avoid confusing their customers.

 Delivery-only food brands

  • Delivery-only brands (i.e. those operating out of virtual kitchens) are permitted if they have distinct branded packaging and a distinct website.
  • Multiple virtual brands operating out of one location are permitted, but are subject to additional verification steps.
  • Delivery-only brands must add their service areas and hide the address on their business profile to avoid confusing their customers.
  • If there is a partnership where a food brand has authorized the virtual kitchen as a verified provider of the food, the virtual kitchen may manage each authorized brand’s business profile once the authorization is confirmed.
  • The facility that houses the delivery-only brands, i.e. Doordash Kitchens, is permitted to have its own separate business profile. Only someone affiliated with the facility can claim and verify this profile.

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