Google Business Profiles Allow You To Edit/Add Social Media Profile Links
Ben Fisher

As far back as 2019 I recall that users would ask how can I edit or control the social profiles on my GBP?

The answer from anyone who worked with GBP was usually the same. Try JSON, Try SameAs schema markup. Pray to the Google Gods!

Well for the longest time, Social Media links and the affiliation with a GBP was actually a function of search, not GBP and not Maps. So they would appear randomly and more often than not would be wrong.

Well, now Google has officially launched the ability to edit those Social profiles. It is super easy actually, but if you want to read up on how and where to do this, read the help center article.

This should be 100% rolled out by Mid September 2023. This appears to be a profile rollout versus an account rollout, so check your profiles contact section.

Currently, this is what is supported:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Twitter (Or X)
  • YouTube

And this is what it looks like when editing:

This is what it looks like when published:

Note: Some tests have been seen where the icons are higher on the KP.

Some notes to consider:

All links added to a GBP in the social section must adhere to the guidelines, specifically the one that talks about URL’s.

If you add a URL that is not in the guidelines and is deceptive or misleading, you can and will be suspended.

I think this is a fantastic feature to roll out to users, and feel it may be a tie-in of sorts for Google to get more data from merchants, Especially since SGE is supposed to highlight more and more rich content from social. Maybe this is a way for Google to find a more reputable source for the content and relate it to a business entity.

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