Google Adding Call Buttons in Local Knowledge Panels
Joy Hawkins

A week ago, Tom Waddington spotted a call button in the local knowledge panel.  I wasn’t able to replicate it, and neither could most of the people we asked.  However, as of this morning, I’m able to see it, along with all my colleagues which makes me think Google is rolling it out more widely.

I’m only seeing these buttons when logged in.  Clicking on the button gives me the option to launch it on my Android.  My colleague who has a Mac gets the option to make the call from his computer or send it to his iPhone.

This should be an awesome feature for marketers as I would envision that this will result in a spike in trackable calls inside Google My Business Insights.  Previously, GMB Insights only had the ability to track calls from mobile searches (people tapping the call button).  If users start using this functionality, it will also allow Google to track calls from desktop.