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Google Adding A GMB Post When You Update Hours, but….

By July 2, 2020 July 10th, 2020 No Comments

Updated 12:14pm 7/10/2020

Thibault Adda, Darden’s super savvy SEO leader, figured out where these “updated hours” posts show up – on the maps app, under the “Updates” tab.  Basically they’re buried…  Might be worth making them look better than they do when Google auto generates them – but don’t spend a ton of time on it.

Nicolai Helling reported over on twitter that when hours are updated in GMB, a post is automatically created in the GMB dashboard.


I decided to test this by changing the hours on Sterling Sky slightly.  Once the changes were approved, a post was automatically created, although it was not visible on our business listing – I attributed to our use of COVID-19 post, which restricts visibility on other post types.

The post was visible when you looked in the back end though.  To test my theory I deleted our COVID-19 post and waited a few minutes.  I was wrong – it was not visible on our profile.

As you can edit posts even if they’re already published – I tried making an edit to see if it would become visible.

Nothing.  Although it is visible in the back end:


So…here’s the “but” from the title – knew we’d get there eventually…

I’m not sure why this feature is here – but it seems like a “back end” issue only, as users will never see it.


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