Go Home, Google Mapmaker. You’re Drunk.
Mary Bowling mbowling


I have to start this by saying that I hate Google Mapmaker. I have not tried to use it for evil purposes, but rarely see any changes take place from reporting real violations and misinformation. Here is a case that is so black-and-white that there shouldn’t be any hesitation approving it.

The business name is obviously keyword stuffed: Wisconsin Waukesha Ozaukee Divorce Lawyers-J Casey Family Attorneys. Are there really people at Google Mapmaker to whom that doesn’t look suspicious? Are there really algorithms that don’t recognize that as spam?

Mapmaker 1

It’s obvious on the company website that that is not the business name (Mapmaker’s, the URL is in the listing. That’s how you verify what I’m reporting!):


Mapmaker 3

It’s obvious in the guidelines that this is not permitted:

Mapmaker 4

Despite this, my edit was rejected because Google couldn’t verify the information I provided.

(Photo credit: missha via photopin/cc.)

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