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GMB showing Staff and Attorneys in Knowledge Panel Results

By February 11, 2021 4 Comments

Google has been rolling out a series of tests of late. I stumbled across this thread on the Local Search Community Forum today. As it turns out, the GMB listing for Mike Morse Injury Law Firm has sections for Attorney and Staff. Both of these sections can be clicked and expanded. The staff section is coming from the law firm’s LinkedIn page. 

The attorney section is displaying the names of the lawyers and view full bio. The view full bio is not clickable. There is an option to click directly to the Mike Morse Law Firm website. Google is not showing all of the lawyers listing on the website. Each lawyer has their own individual page. The lawyer pages are using people schema through the Yoast plugin. 

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Is this a test, or is this being rolled out everywhere? This new section will only be triggered when a brand search is performed. It currently is only associated with the Knowledge panel. It will not get triggered in map pack or local finder results.


  • Florian says:

    Unfortunately I do not see it DE. Not sure about the added value of this feature if you cannot click on “view full bio” but I think for law firms and other businesses where individual employees play an important role in the external image I think this could definitely make a difference. Greetings from Munich.

  • Michael Andrews says:

    I do not think this is explicitly attributed to the schema markup, but more like a rich snippet since it replicates the attorney slider bulleted list items (in code) on the home page.

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