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GMB Edits Being Blocked to Prevent Hijacking

By November 20, 2020 December 4th, 2020 No Comments

Recently, we have been noticing an uptick of complaints from small businesses who say they are unable to change core GMB information. This appears to be happening moreso after verifying a GMB profile.

Our Local Search Forum has a thread where a business owner was unable to update their phone number after verifying the GMB profile with a cell phone. A GMB support thread has a similar issue with a business owner attempting to add call tracking numbers to the GMB profile, although the edits continue to get removed. 

These edits, or lack thereof, by Google are not related to the suspensions being triggered for making single edits to GMB profiles. Google is preventing listings from updating core information after the GMB profiles are verified, most likely to prevent many of the highjacked listings we have been noticing recently. 

If you are having issues with edits being ignored, take your issue to the LSF or the GMB community threads above and someone will be able to assist you and push your edits live.  

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