GMB Adds “Manage insurance info for your practice” Section to Help Center
Colan Nielsen

Google My Business recently update the page titled “Get started with Google My Business for healthcare providers” with a section called “Manage insurance info for your practice”.

Google states:

Important: Insurance information is available for select merchants in the US only. It displays for merchants whose insurance availability is provided to Google.

On your Business Profile on Google Search, under your business’ hours, a “Check insurance info” link might display. We automatically include this link if we identify insurance availability through our third-party provider. The link opens an “Insurance information” page that lists the health insurance providers your business accepts.

Google provides instructions for how to remove the insurance information but there is no indication of a way to add the information if a merchant would like the link to be available in the knowledge panel.

So what? This feature aligns with Google’s efforts to provide all of the information a user needs directly in the search results without having to visit the businesses website. This will be another place on the web that a business owner and/or their marketing consultant, need to check to make sure that their insurance provider information is accurate and up to date.

We have yet to come across a live link to insurance providers in the wild. Have you seen this feature in the wild yet? Join the discussion at the Local Search Forum.