Getting to Blue Mountain, ON From Toronto
Carrie Hill

The trip from Toronto to Blue Mountain for LocalU Advanced in October is a scenic jaunt through Southern Ontario. Taking a little less than two hours when coming from Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ). There are a few routes you can take but all will give you a great view of all that Southern Ontario has to offer.

Parking in Blue Mountain

LocalU Toronto is taking place at Blue Mountain Village Conference Centre on the Blue Mountain campus. The grounds are quite expansive so it is important to note that the conference centre is located on the northwest side. If you are driving to Blue Mountain you’ll want to park in the Blue Mountain P2 Village Parking Lot as it is the lot located closest to the conference centre.

The Address for your GPS/Maps:
Blue Mountain Village Conference Centre
242 Jozo Weider Blvd,
Town Of The Blue Mountains, ON
L9Y 3Z2

How To Get To Blue Mountain From Toronto

There are several excellent transportation options available when it comes to traveling from Toronto, ON to Blue Mountain for LocalU.

Driving By Car To Blue Mountain From Toronto

One of the most convenient ways to reach Blue Mountain is by car, as it allows for flexibility and the opportunity to explore the scenic route along the way. The journey takes approximately two hours, and travelers can take Highway 400 North, followed by Highway 26 West, leading them directly to the heart of Blue Mountain. If you are traveling from the airport there are a number of reputable car rental companies including:

Hertz Rental Car
6301 Silver Dart Dr Suite 3,
Toronto, ON

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
6301 Silver Dart Dr,
Mississauga, ON

National Car Rental
6301 Silver Dart Dr Term 1,
Mississauga, ON

Each of these is located inside the Toronto airport for convenience's sake.

Traveling By Bus To Blue Mountain From Toronto

For those who prefer not to drive, a popular alternative is taking a bus or shuttle service. Several companies provide transportation services from Toronto to Blue Mountain, offering comfortable rides with various departure times throughout the day.

GO Bus

The GO bus offers hourly trips running north from Toronto up to Barrie’s Allandale Waterfront bus station at 24 Essa Rd, Barrie, ON. From there you will transfer to Simcoe County’s LINX bus system which will take you to Collingwood, and from there you can choose either a taxi or Uber to get you the last 20-minute leg of the journey to Blue Mountain. Although not the most straightforward way to arrive at Blue Mountain from Toronto it is the most economical option with bus fares coming in at around $15 one way depending on which GO station you start out from.

Shuttle Services

If you are traveling in a group or would like to travel in style from the airport there are also shuttle service options that will take you right from Pearson to Blue Mountain.

Traveling By Train To Blue Mountain From Toronto

Additionally, for a unique and picturesque experience, individuals can opt for a train journey. The Go Transit system operates train services from Union Station in Toronto to Barrie as well, providing a relaxing and scenic way to view the Ontario countryside. Once you arrive in Barrie you will need to follow the same bus/taxi directions listed above in the bus instructions.

Traveling By Uber To Blue Mountain From Toronto

There is also the option of arranging for an Uber to take you from Toronto to Blue Mountain allowing you the flexibility of a car ride without having to do the actual driving. These ride options start at about $150 one way.

Regardless of the mode of transportation chosen, the journey from Toronto to Blue Mountain promises breathtaking views and an exciting start to a memorable adventure. Make sure to get your ticket for LocalU Toronto today!

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