Webinar: Unlocking Your GBP and Performance Data Potential
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Unlocking Your GBP and Performance Data Potential with Dale McGeorge, Noah Learner, & Joy Hawkins

Join us on February 27th at 3pm ET for a FREE webinar, where Joy Hawkins, Noah Learner and Dale McGeorge unravel the secrets your Google Business Profile data holds. Discover free data visualization and AI-driven tool recommendations, and key performance metrics essential for your business success. Don't miss this chance to transform data into actionable insights. Secure your spot now!

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What You Will Learn:

  • Insights into Google Business Profile Data: Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of their Google Business Profile data, unlocking valuable insights about their business's appearance and performance on Google.
  • Receive AI-Driven Tool Recommendations: Participants will receive recommendations for AI-driven tools that can assist them in optimizing their Google Business Profile, suggesting improvements and strategies to enhance their online presence.
  • Master Key Performance Metrics: The webinar covers essential key performance metrics relevant to businesses, helping attendees identify which metrics are crucial for success and teaching them how to measure and interpret them effectively.
In addition to that, we’ll discuss how the GBP API can unlock all kinds of opportunities for marketers like:
  • Ability to see metrics for GBPs that are aggregated any way you want.
  • Ability to edit things you can’t normally do in the UI (some attributes are nearly impossible to edit without the API).
  • Ability to spot things about listings that might lead to suspensions.
  • Ability to see all the keywords that are giving your GBP impressions, not just the top few that are visible in GBP’s UI.
  • and much, much more!

Webinar: Unlocking your GBP and Performance Data Potential

Feb 27, 2024 at 3pm ET

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About Our Speakers:


Dale McGeorge



Noah Learner

Director of Innovation
Sterling Sky, Inc.

Joy Hawkins

Joy Hawkins has been working in the Local SEO industry since 2006 and loves being a Google Top Contributor. She also loves spending time managing Google Ads accounts and has been certified in both Google Search & Display. She is also a speaker at various search engine marketing conferences such as SMX & LocalU, Pubcon & Mozcon.