The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO
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As of June 2020, we have discontinued sales of the Expert’s Guide to Local SEO.

Google My Business is a pretty challenging topic to write training on due to all the little nuances that constantly change.  The more we add all these specific details to the guide, the harder it is to keep it up-to-date and accurate.  Additionally, we’ve received feedback that sometimes it is confusing how the guide stacks up with our other offerings like the LocalU forum.

If you are looking to increase your knowledge of Google My Business or local search, we strongly recommend you get a subscription to the LocalU forum.  This will allow you to get answers to the questions that you are looking to answer instead of having to dig through dozens of pages to try and find it.

If you’re looking for one-on-one consulting, or an audit to be done to give you a set checklist of to-do items for a particular business, please contact us for a quote.

We also offer online local SEO training for agencies wishing to gain insight and knowledge for in-house teams aimed at improving their brand's local search presence.

We are regularly publishing content to continue providing advice on what tactics are currently working.  We communicate these findings via our newsletter and LocalU Advanced conferences.