Advanced Local SEO Training | 260+ Page Manual Full of Tips & Tricks

The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

A 260+ page training manual that is updated monthly and contains advanced tips and tactics for Local SEO that actually work and drive results.

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It is the perfect option for an agency who is struggling to train new employees or keep existing staff up-to-date on tactics.

The style of the guide is educational in nature and uses lots of screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to do things.

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You’ll Learn:

How to get unfiltered by Possum.

Tips on how to remove spam from the local results.

How to fix your map point

How to find & deal with duplicate listings.

Which GMB Category is the right GMB Category

What’s in the Training?

The manual is over 250 pages long and includes a wide variety of topics. Here are some of the things that were added in May 2018:

  • Added a section showing how you can get an attribute on your listing that doesn’t show up as an option in the dashboard.
  • Added a checklist of items you’ll need to pass Advanced Verification.
  • Updated step 1 on the section on tracking to include a different tool since the previous one is no longer free.
  • Added a section to clarify how to track Google My Business traffic in Google Analytics.
  • Added a section to show how to track Google My Business traffic in Search Console.
  • Added a section that clarifies if there is a difference between flagging a review publicly vs inside the GMB dashboard.
  • Updated the timeline of updates to include everything that’s happened so far in May.
  • Added a few sections about Google Posts:
    • What should you post about?
    • How to format a button image to make it look good across all devices.
    • Added a tool that can be used to schedule posts in advance.

And Much Much More…..

Darren Shaw

Founder & President, Whitespark

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