Local U Presents the Celia Bell Scholarship
Carrie Hill

Local U Sponsors the Annual Celia Bell Entrepreneur Awards

LocalU Austin - Paul Sherland

LocalU Austin – Photo Courtesy of Paul Sherland

At Local U, our top priority has always been to help small businesses thrive by equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed online. Since 2011, we have had the immense honor of working in Austin, TX alongside local businesswoman and small business mentor Celia Bell to help achieve this goal. As a result of Celia’s deep connections in the Austin market and remarkable coordination skills, Local U has held numerous successful events over the last seven years.

In that time, we have been continually amazed by Celia’s passion and energy for the small business community. In fact, we even created a title here at Local U called “The Celia” to represent our ideal local coordinator and small business advocate to help organize our training events around the country. Year after year, Celia puts the most people into our seminars of anyone we have worked with.    

“All of our events in Austin literally could not have happened without Celia. She’s just been a fantastic resource and partner to Local U. And on a personal level, she is the friendliest person you will ever meet, a hoot to be around, and a fantastic colleague to work with—in addition to becoming a friend.” – David Mihm of Tidings and a Local U founder

Honoring Celia Bell’s Contributions to Austin Entrepreneurs

When Celia was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, Local U joined forces with community members in Austin to help fund a scholarship in her honor. We’re thrilled that Celia is now in remission, and 2018 marks the second year celebrating the Celia Bell Entrepreneurial Awards. The scholarship program grants funding to outstanding entrepreneurs in the Austin area within three categories: small business, start-up, and non-profit.

Local U proudly supports this scholarship by donating a percentage of all ticket sales from our Austin events directly to the awards program. Will Scott, a representative from Local U and CEO of the online marketing company Search Influence, will present the funding during the annual luncheon event honoring the finalists for this year’s awards.

Learn more about this year’s event and buy your tickets online.  

When Celia is not busy coordinating this annual event, she works as a mentor for the nonprofit organization SCORE Austin. Applying her same dedication and drive, she has helped more than 330 businesses in just the last three years alone. Here at Local U, we hope to recognize Celia’s remarkable contributions now and into the future in the same way that her work will continue to benefit the local market for years to come.

“She is an incredible human being and has an amazing amount of energy. She has contributed tremendously to the Austin small business world, and we wanted that acknowledged more broadly than just the groups that she has touched face-to-face.” – Mike Blumenthal of GatherUp and a Local U founder

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