Utilizing Your Local Online Reputation

How to Grow Your Brand & Utilize Your Fans during Crisis Situations! Navigating the complex world of search engine marketing is no easy task for a brand, but it can be especially challenging for local brands that not only have a physical storefront to run, but a virtual location as well. While local brands are […]

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7 Tactics That Help SMBs Succeed in Facebook Groups

It’s getting harder for small, local businesses to rank well in Google search.  Bigger enterprise brands are developing scalable strategies for their multi-location businesses and have the budget to invest in management platforms, review strategies, linkbuilding, content writing & marketing and paid ads.  This makes it difficult for a SMB to find affordable, competitive, lucrative […]

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How to Manually Flag Reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook

Today we have a guest post from Markella Haynes from MDG Advertising. At MDG Advertising, Markella develops and executes social media marketing strategies for clients across a wide array of industries, while leading the local search marketing efforts for the team. Can’t take the heat from a fake negative online review? You don’t have to […]

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Definitive Roundup of “Today in” Facebook Articles

Facebook is apparently testing a new feed for its app to highlight local news and events. With “Today in”, Facebook takes one more step into a localized experience for users. You may recall that a few months ago, Facebook launched a “Local” app, as a separate downloaded app. I’m not sure what happened to that […]

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Video Deep Dive: Why are reviews being taken down by Google?

This is our Deep Dive Into Local from November 13th, 2017. In our Deep Dive series, we take a closer look at one thing in local that caught our attention and deserves a longer discussion. If you have a special topic you would like us to discuss for the Deep Dive in Local, please reach […]

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Targeting Hyper Local Customers with Paid Advertising

In my years as a marketer for small businesses, I’ve found that most eliminate paid advertising as a legitimate channel – both because of cost and targeting.  There’s a misconception among non-marketers who are trying to run businesses that PPC or CPC advertising is too broad reaching for a mom & pop establishment with one […]

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