An Alternative to Google Plus ‘Custom’ URLs

Google Plus offers local businesses with a verified listing the option of adding what Google calls a custom URL for their local Plus page. My suggestion: Don’t use Google’s custom URL. If you need a memorable URL for your Plus page, create your own. One objective of online marketing is to control and increase the […]

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Is There Any SEO Benefit in Varying Your Company Description Across Listings?

Ben Bowen asked this question on Google+:  Seen this debated elsewhere: Is there any benefit to varying your company “description” across listings? Or can you just cut and paste your Yelp (or whatever) description? My answer: If there is a benefit, it would be quite small. Although there is no exact understanding of how Google […]

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Educate Yourself Before Choosing an SEO Company

A big part of what we try to do at LocalU is to educate small business owners about Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing. Part of our motivation is to give those with more time than money the information and tools that they can use to help them promote their own company on the web. […]

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The Real Truth About SEO & Call Tracking

The call tracking debate goes on and on and on and on. Why? Because, when done incorrectly, it severely cripples a business’ ability to rank well in the Google local search results. While experienced local marketers can tell which types of call tracking are harmful and which are not, the average small business owner — and many marketers […]

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Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?

Many businesses are seasonal and a good number of those rely on the winter holiday season for a significant chunk of their sales and profits for the year. Even mundane and unexciting things are likely to be on someone’s wish list and people are not only shopping for gifts, but they are also looking for […]

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