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Google Adds “Add a Map to Your Website” Feature to Google Business Profiles

By Colan Nielsen | December 16, 2022

It appears that Google has added a new feature to the New Merchant Experience (NMX), which is the new in-search editing interface, that allows a business to create a custom map to add to their website. First time seeing prompt to "add a map to your website" in the NMX interface. Clicking through takes you…

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Why You Should Add Videos to Your Google Business Profile

By Joy Hawkins | December 12, 2022

Google has given business owners the ability to add videos to their Google Business Profile for quite a while. Up until now, there has never been a compelling reason to add them to your profile. They were usually buried and we have found that adding things like Google Business Profile photos and videos to your…

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3 Tips for the New Google Business Profile Manager Dashboard (Now Called New Merchant Experience)

By Joy Hawkins | December 7, 2022

Google recently launched a new dashboard on the Google Business Profile Manager (formerly Google My Business). It is called the New Merchant Experience (NMX). Here are a few tips to help with this new dashboard. 1.  See Performance Improvement Year Over Year When you initially go into the performance metrics, it only shows data for…

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GBP Reviews Missing, Why and What Can You Do About It?

By Ben Fisher | June 1, 2022

I started getting these emails about a month ago, they all go about the same way. “I have had my customers leave us a review, and they can see the review (screenshot included) but it is not showing on my business profile. As far back as June of 2021, I have been writing about how…

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Your Guide To Google Business Profile Recorded Video Verification Methods – A Go-To with All The Steps and Explanations.

By Yan Gilbert | March 2, 2022

Google has recently updated its help center article on business profile verification methods. The updated method is the ‘Video recording’ method. The option had been available sporadically but it is now being offered to more people who want to verify their listing. Don’t confuse this with the older ‘Live video call’ method, which was primarily…

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Manage COVID-19 Testing Information on Your Google Business Profile

By Krystal Taing | December 3, 2021

In December 2021, Google rolled out the ability for healthcare businesses to set and manage COVID-19 testing attributes directly. Prior to this update, there were 2 primary methods to add COVID-19 testing information to your Google Business Profile. Initially, Google began sourcing this data from a number of healthcare organizations and government agencies so businesses…

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