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Google’s New Guidelines for Managing Business Hours on Search and Maps

By Krystal Taing / August 2, 2023
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Google recently updated their guidelines for businesses managing profiles on search and maps. The much welcomed update is aimed to provide clarity around how to manage your business information as well as share some reasons why you could run into challenges with the verification of your business. One of the areas that was updated was…

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How Google’s New AI Impacts Local Search

By Joy Hawkins / July 5, 2023
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Recently, at Google IO, they announced that they would be experimenting with integrating AI into the search results. This experience is called Search Generative Experience (SGE) and is currently being tested via Search Labs. You can sign up to see how it looks here.  We wanted to see how this experience looks for local…

Getting to Blue Mountain, ON From Toronto

By Carrie Hill / June 23, 2023
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The trip from Toronto to Blue Mountain for LocalU Advanced in October is a scenic jaunt through Southern Ontario. Taking a little less than two hours when coming from Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ). There are a few routes you can take but all will give you a great view of all that Southern Ontario has…

10 New Healthcare Verticals Added to Google Local Service Ads (LSAs)

By Matt Casady / April 7, 2023
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Google recently added ten new healthcare verticals to Local Service Ads in the US. What Are The New Business Verticals? These are the new categories: The dentist vertical was added back in January of 2023 and was previously the only healthcare vertical available. What Type of Background Checks and Documentation Is Needed for These New…

Book Now Lead Capture Now Available for Lawyer LSAs

By Carrie Hill / February 6, 2023
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Matt Casady spotted the connection in a Lawyer’s LSA account.  Businesses in legal verticals can book appointments with clients directly via LSA via Leadconnector. Just noticed booking leads are now available for legal verticals on Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) previously they were only available for home-service-related verticals. — Matt Casady (@MattCasady) February 6,…

Why does Google show a 4.8 rating when I have all 5-star reviews

Why does Google show a 4.8 rating when I have all 5-star reviews?

By Joy Hawkins / January 26, 2023
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Last Updated: Jan 26, 2023 Why Does Google Show a 4.8 Rating When I Have All 5 Stars? It is a question that comes up repeatedly on Mike’s blog and in the Google Business Profile help forum leaving many people asking “How does Google review rating work?” If you have a review score average on…

Did you know you can post videos in Google reviews?

By Joy Hawkins / January 25, 2023
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Recently in our Facebook group (Local Search Insiders), David Hills pointed out that you can add videos to your reviews on Google. Apparently, this feature has existed for a while but it’s really easy to miss because it is not an option on a desktop. When you go to leave a review on your computer,…

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How Multi-location Brands can Leverage Apple Business Connect (formerly Apple Maps Connect)

By Krystal Taing / January 23, 2023
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What is Apple Business Connect? Business Connect is Apple’s newest interface and workflow that enables local businesses and brands to claim, manage, and measure their listings’ performance on Apple Maps. Apple Business Connect launched in early January, is available to global businesses, replacing the previous version known as Apple Maps Connect.What are the options for…

How Do I Change my Google Business Profile Logo?

By Ben Fisher / January 23, 2023
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* updated on Jan 23, 2023 As long as I can recall, whenever you are optimizing a Google Business Profile (GBP) – formerly Google My Business – business profile, one of the most annoying “features” is updating the logo/cover photo. Usually, you upload what you like..most of the time it is your brand’s logo. This…

How to Export Google Business Profile Data With NMX Dashboard Insights Report

By Joy Hawkins / January 22, 2023
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[Ed. note: The following is a guest article written for Local U by Chris Ratchford of Sterling Sky] How To Export Google Business Profile Data One of the biggest challenges agencies face working with small businesses is reporting. Historically, the process required to export Google Business Profile data has been complicated, and hard to find.…