Scoring Your Brand Page at Google
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Scoring Your Brand Page at Google

Google is doing everything it can to keep searchers on its own pages rather than sending them off to other websites, including yours!  Mike Blumenthal wrote a great post about this : Google As the New Home Page- One Big Tactical Guide. Reading Mike’s guide will help you to understand the concept better, but he says, “It’s time to start treating your branded search result just like you do the home page on your site; it needs to look as good as it can, it needs to contain compelling social proof, and, within the constraints that Google imposes, it needs to tell the story of your business.”

This quiz, based on Mike’s article, is designed to give your brand page on Google a relative measurement that future work can be compared against.  It takes into account different types of search results that might show up for your brand, knowledge panel features, image and video result integration and review/rating visibility when someone searches for the name of your brand + city in Google. It can also provide you with a baseline to compare your brand to those of your competitors and a way to see how well your SEO company is doing in promoting your brand locally.

Complete the questions below and we’ll email you your results.  Keep those results and come back to redo the quiz as you do more to extend your local brand marketing.