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Video: Tour of the New Google My Business (GMB) Dashboard

Yesterday Google started rolling out their new Google My Business (GMB) and Google My Business Listing (GMB/L) dashboards with improved organizational structures, better menus, easier navigation and faster response times. Here is a video tour of the upgrade.

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  1. Looks good – thanks for taking the time to post the video Mike 🙂

  2. Thanks MIke for making this. Tour of the New Google My Business (GMB) Dashboard has good info and really helpful.


  3. Thanks Mike – Looks great. I’m still in the old dashboard here in Oregon but looking forward to it!

  4. Mike – I have been following your work for several years now, and just want to say THANK YOU for the great work you do to cut through the clutter and bring the most important stuff in local forward. Well done as always!

    • @tom thanks! I wanted to show the details with the least pain and I didn’t think that writing would cut it. I really appreciate your recognition.

  5. Thanks for the informative and valuable tour around new features in the dash Sir. Appreciated.

  6. Thank you for letting us see it and learn about the different components while we wait to get it ourselves.

  7. Thanks for the video tutorial Mike. This is beneficial for me since I am still not seeing this in my Bulk Feed yet. I was hoping it would come this week after seeing Joy post about it Monday.

    Good information. Much appreciated!

  8. @Brian and Cathie

    I am still getting used to video as a content medium so its nice to hear of its value even if my “sc reen presence” leaves a bit to be desired.

  9. Thanks for the thorough video tour Mike! I’m looking forward to using it, but I’m not seeing it in Houston yet.

    Paul Sherland
  10. Hey Mike cheers for taking the time to produce this video I havn’t logged in to Google yet to see if it has changed on my end but from what I see in your video it looks pretty geared towards those who provide Local SEO services 🙂 alas something positive from the big G

  11. Hi Mike! Great to find you page and see your updates about this GMB.
    I just became aware of it when our page started coming up in searches under an older business name…

    Anyway, now I have verified the business on search/maps and have been forced to create a new Google+ page for that business listing.

    Do you know of any way to merge both of my Google+ accounts now?

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