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October Updates To The Expert’s Guide to SEO

October updates to The Expert's Guide to Local SEO are here!  Have you purchased your copy yet?  Now is a good time - with updates free for 3 months, now is a great time to buy your copy!

  • Verification and Home Service Ads are separate things.  Set up a specific page for Advanced Verification clarifying on how it’s different than Home Service ads.
  • Updated section on Home Service Ads to clarify the change that happened in October.
  • Removed sections on Home Service Ads related to home-based businesses that no longer apply and updated the history.
  • Added the link to sign up for Home Service Ads (it changed).
  • Added a trick to verify a listing at an old address.
  • The calls that show up in Google My Business Insights are only counting about 30-50% of the real number of calls you get from GMB.  Added a way to track all the calls you get from Google My Business.
  • Google My Business has changed the process for what to do with practitioners that leave your practice and now work somewhere else.  I updated this section to include what you should do when this happens.
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