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5 Things You Should Be Doing on Facebook to Build Your Business

Recently a number of Local U Faculty hung out to discuss all things Facebook marketing with some of the best minds in SEO: Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling, David Mihm, and Matt Siltala. Here are the top five things we think you should be doing for your business on Facebook: 1. Hop on your local “brandwagon” […]

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Video: Facebook and Small Business Marketing

Once a month Local U invites our faculty and other experts to an in-depth discussion of a topic of interest to local businesses. This month, Matt Siltala of Avalaunch Media joins David Mihm, Will Scott, Mary Bowling and Mike Blumenthal as they discuss how to best leverage Facebook both pre- and post-sale in the small […]

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Video: Deep Dive into Consumer Research About How Consumers Find Lawyers & Why They Leave Reviews

This is the fourth installment of our Deep Dive Into Local series. For the week ending 9/11/15, Mary Bowling and Mike Blumenthal (David is speaking in England) share their thoughts about the previous week in local. The complete video is posted in the Local U forums (paywall). In the second half of that video, they […]

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Negative Reviews – What Would You Do? Survey #1

Responding to a negative review that someone has left about your business is difficult. You want to own the issue and offer resolution and you want to appear reasonable to your prospects, but finding just the right response can be challenging for a range of reasons. Sometimes the customer has been totally unreasonable, sometimes you […]

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For Social Media, Pay to Play is the New Reality

The world seems a kindler, gentler place than when I was a kid. We heard jokes like “you’re so ugly, your mama had to tie a steak around your neck so the dog would play with you.” Fast forward to today, where getting a business in the action on social media requires nothing so humiliating. […]

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Do Not Incentivize Reviews – Not Even a Little Bit

The FCC has long had guidelines that require the application of the Truth in Advertising endorsements on the web. Any form of material connection or incentive for web endorsements, like offline ones, need to be declared. With a blog post, testimonial, review or celebrity endorsement, if there is any form of compensation or close relationship […]

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