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Google Analytics Dashboard Help for B&B’s

This afternoon I had the opportunity of presenting to The Mid-Atlantic InnKeeper Trade Show & Conference about how to use Google Analytics to gain major website insight and be able to make improvements based on the data. But during our Q&A a common theme emerged: Keeping up with Google Analytics is HARD! The number of […]

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Google’s Carousel: Its Impact On Analytics … & A Spokane Taco Truck

How has Google Carousel impacted your local search traffic? Much like Aaron Weiche’s blurry Bigfoot analogy (ask him about it next time you see him), Google Carousel results are a tad blurry. At first glance, the change appears to result in a drop in Google local traffic. Granted, these are only two examples (from restaurant […]

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How To Segment Local Search In Google Analytics (with Free Dashboard!)

A few weeks ago at Local University Advanced, I led a lab session session focused on local search analytics and how to better utilize advanced segmentation. We had great questions (as well as awesome suggestions) from an audience very eager to take a deep dive into local analytics. We could’ve easily taken another hour to go […]

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A Local Homage to Google Reader

With the official sunset of Google Reader yesterday, I thought I’d pay a simple homage with a few stories that have come across my screen in the last few months I’ve not yet had time to comment on. The Social Media Reality for SMBs Small businesses who’ve done more than dip their toes into the […]

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Website Analytics Advice for B&B’s (and SMB’s)

Local University Group Photo in Baltimore (photo courtesy of Thomas Ballantyne) I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the Mid-Atlantic InnKeepers Trade Show and Conference about using website analytics to make better business decisions. I was particularly excited because I used to own and operate a few small B&B’s myself (technically mine were vacation rentals, but […]

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Awesome Analytics Ninja? You Can Be One

A couple weeks ago at Local University Austin, I posed the following questions during my presentation: 1) How many of you have analytics installed on your website? (Answer: About 25%) 2) How many  use analytics to make marketing decisions? (Answer: About 5%. “Ouch!”) 3) How many want to take advantage of analytics awesomeness to help […]

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