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Video Deep Dive: Final attribution…what prompted the customer to buy?

Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling & Ed Reese take a Deep Dive into the topic of attribution. This is our Deep Dive Into Local from August 8th, 2017. In our Deep Dive series, we take a closer look at one thing in local that caught our attention and deserves a longer discussion. If you have a […]

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Video: Local U Advanced Speaker Series – Ed Reese on Assumptions Driving Conversions, KPIs, Visualization & The Summer of Discovery

LocalU Advanced takes a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of the bleeding edge of local search. Our upcoming LocalU Advanced takes place the night of October 20th and all day on October 21st. To give you a sense of the topics we will be covering, we will be interviewing some of the speakers that will be […]

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Video Deep Dive: Social and Local KPIs for Local Business

This is the 12th installment this year of our Deep Dive Into Local series. For the week ending Monday, April 4th, Ed Reese and Mike Blumenthal shared their thoughts about the previous week in local. The complete video, including links and commentary on critical happenings of the previous week is posted in the Local U […]

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Mobile Opportunities, Observations, & Insights Post-Mobilegeddon

With all this talk about Mobilegeddon, I decided to take a look at mobile traffic trends over the past three years. Specifically, I looked at Google organic searches via mobile devices. I compared those searches to Google organic searches via desktop, tablet, and mobile organic searches from other search engines, and any other traffic pattern […]

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How to Export Data from the Google My Business Dashboard Insights Report

[Ed. note: The following is a guest article written for Local U by Jackson Lo of] One of the biggest challenges agencies face working with small businesses is reporting. Up until now, there didn’t appear to be any way for us to export our data out of Google My Business. It’s not a new […]

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Webmaster Tools Showing Sharp Drop in Structured Data

UPDATE 7/21/2014: It looks like these drops in data have been removed from the WMT Dashboard. None of our clients are showing the sharp drops we had snapshots of in the article below. Since this also happened earlier this year – I suspect this is a reporting bug that Google hopefully gets fixed soon. Same […]

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