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Get Started with Usability Testing

Search is one of the best channels for driving traffic to your website. But if you’re not seeing the conversion rates you’d hoped for, what next? Most of us assume we can apply our in-depth industry knowledge and personal experiences to figure out why our websites aren’t converting. However, you are not the “typical” user […]


Mozcon Local 2016 & LocalU Advanced Williamsburg

We’re excited to announce our first two events of 2016! The first is MozCon Local 2016 in mid-February. It kicks off on Thursday afternoon, February 18, with LocalU conducting a half-day of tactical sessions and workshops with in-the-trenches tips and techniques. If you have specific problems or questions about particular clients or situations, this is just […]

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VIDEO: LocalU Mobile & Local Hangout

Last Friday morning was our monthly LocalU Public Hangout. We had a great discussion about best practices for mobile and local. We covered a lot of ground in this expert panel discussion with our guests Cindy Crum, Aaron Weiche, Jeff Sauer, and Annie Cushing. If you’re interested in mobile best practices, mobile SEO, and how […]


Mobile Opportunities, Observations, & Insights Post-Mobilegeddon

With all this talk about Mobilegeddon, I decided to take a look at mobile traffic trends over the past three years. Specifically, I looked at Google organic searches via mobile devices. I compared those searches to Google organic searches via desktop, tablet, and mobile organic searches from other search engines, and any other traffic pattern […]


Google’s Carousel: Its Impact On Analytics … & A Spokane Taco Truck

How has Google Carousel impacted your local search traffic? Much like Aaron Weiche’s blurry Bigfoot analogy (ask him about it next time you see him), Google Carousel results are a tad blurry. At first glance, the change appears to result in a drop in Google local traffic. Granted, these are only two examples (from restaurant […]