Bing Local Listings now Showing Facebook Reviews, Replaces Yelp
Jason Brown

Bing used to pull in a lot of the information from Yelp. Bing used to display Yelp reviews as their primary review source. Bing is now defaulting to Facebook as their review source. The rub is that Facebook no longer has a review system. Facebook switched to a recommendation system in 2018. There appears to be some lag in the counts too. The Sawaya Law Firm shows 219 reviews, whereas Facebook shows the opinion of 222 people.

Bing is still pulling in and displaying Yelp reviews. They were moved lower down into the reviews from the web section. Bing is also pulling in reviews from Judysbook. There’s a name I have heard since I first started in local SEO in 2006. A business will need to monitor its Judysbook listings and reviews. Yext doesn’t work with or sync to Judysbook.

This is an interesting move on Bing’s part. Bing is preparing to become the default search if Google pulls out of Australia. In Australia, Bing is pulling in other 3rd party review platforms. For the Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control, INC listing, the default reviews are from Wildlife Control. Yelp is still one of the review sources in the reviews from the web section. The view more reviews take you to the Demandforce listing. For The Sawaya Law Firm, the view more takes you to Facebook.

Last week, Bing was making a major push to be the default search engine in Australia.  Google is threatening to drop out of the Australian market if forced to pay news publishers for content. It was a few weeks ago that Bing was pulling in Menus from Yelp. I am currently not seeing that for restaurants. I see Tripadvisor, Zomato, and the business’s own menus.

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