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Make 2016 the Year Your Local Search Skills Rock It

By Mary Bowling / January 6, 2016

Google’s thrown so many changes at us that it’s often hard to tell what to pay attention to. And we have so many options for marketing local businesses, it’s tough to weed out the nice-to-haves from the must-dos.  A LocalU Advanced event can help to clear all that up for you and we have 2…

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Give Yourself the Gift of LocalU Advanced

By Mary Bowling / December 11, 2015

Or better yet, get your company to give itself the gift of an enlightened local search marketer who’s re-energized, has amazing new knowledge and resources and has made valuable new contacts in the industry to call upon when needed. How does that happen, you ask? By attending one or both of LocalU’s Advanced events in…

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Upcoming LocalU Hangout on Facebook Marketing for Local Business

By Mary Bowling / September 16, 2015

Please join us for a live Hangout on Facebook Marketing for Local Business on Friday September 25 at 11 am Eastern Time. The discussion will be hosted by Mike Blumenthal and the panelists will be Mike Ramsey, Matt Siltala, Will Scott and David Mihm. If you’re puzzled by the many recent changes to Facebook as…

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Takeaways from Streetfight’s Local Data Summit 2015 in Denver

By Mary Bowling / March 9, 2015

Last week, Streetfight held its second Local Data Summit in Denver, Colorado. Many of the Streetfight folks are based in the Mile High City area and quite a few of the sponsors were based in Denver or Boulder, as well. There were also representatives of some national companies involved in data, like Yext and YP.com,…

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LocalUp 2015 Agenda Released

By Mary Bowling / December 9, 2014

If you’re like me, you’ve been anxiously waiting for a peek at the finalized agenda for LocalUp, a brand new blockbuster conference on Local Search that’s a hybrid of LocalU Advanced and MozCon. Well it’s finally here and you won’t be disappointed! We’ll start out with Dr Pete and Professor Maps (aka Mike Blumenthal) drawing…

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Updated (June 2017) Rules for Google My Business Listings

By Mary Bowling / November 18, 2014

Google Local Business Listings Google local business listings can appear in 3 places in the search results for Google: in Google Maps, in the local pack and within the localized organic Google web results. Since Google owns the lion’s share of local search traffic AND organic search traffic, it’s very important that both your website…

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How To Move Your Business (Without Destroying Your Local Search Visibility)

By Mary Bowling / December 11, 2013

These days, anyone who’s going to move their business to another location needs to consider the best way to handle that move online and plan their steps carefully. You’ll want to get started with your online preparation a couple of months before you actually pack up your shop and re-open it at the new address.…

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The Real Truth About SEO & Call Tracking

By Mary Bowling / September 18, 2013

The call tracking debate goes on and on and on and on. Why? Because, when done incorrectly, it severely cripples a business’ ability to rank well in the Google local search results. While experienced local marketers can tell which types of call tracking are harmful and which are not, the average small business owner — and many marketers…

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Have You Tried Google Support for Local Lately?

By Mary Bowling / June 16, 2013

Since the dawn of Local Search, getting meaningful support for problems with local business listings on Google has been hit or miss. For a long time, the attitude seemed to be that a free product didn’t warrant any support, but the problems that so many SMBs experienced with their listings were so dire that it…

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