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Bing Local Listings now Showing Facebook Reviews, Replaces Yelp

By Jason Brown / May 6, 2024

Bing used to pull in a lot of the information from Yelp. Bing used to display Yelp reviews as their primary review source. Bing is now defaulting to Facebook as their review source. The rub is that Facebook no longer has a review system. Facebook switched to a recommendation system in 2018. There appears to…

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How to Unfilter your Missing Google Reviews

By Jason Brown / May 11, 2021

The Google My Business (GMB) Community Forum is seeing an increase in threads about missing or filtered reviews in the past few weeks. We see a lot of posts from reviewers or businesses about Google removing reviews for quality issues. Google will filter out reviews for using questionable words or for using too many special…

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Breaking free of your GMB “Independence” Ranking Issue

By Jason Brown / March 31, 2021

On September 10, 2020, I first noticed a technical issue where Google is placing Google My Business (GMB) listings in Kansas.  Its now nearly April 1, and the issue has not been fixed on Google’s end, but there is a process for fixing the issue if you are affected. Seeing an issue where Google is…

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Google My Business asks “Did you use this Business?”

By Jason Brown / August 13, 2020

Google has rolled out a new feature for Google My Business reviews. When a user clicks “Write a Review”, Google is presenting the user with an option to answer the following question, “Did you use this business?” If you select Yes, you are presented with a series of service attributes to select from. Google also…

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