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Chris designed his first website almost 25 years ago in the days of Macromedia Dreamweaver. Fast forward a dozen years later, Chris started his own “one-man” dental SEO agency, Prodentite, helping dentists with their online presence from custom dental websites and local SEO, to paid search. In 2012, Chris attended his first (of many) LocalU conference where he met Joy Hawkins and many other key contributors in the newly emerging world of local search.

Taking Advantage of the Google My Business Updates

By Chris Ratchford / July 15, 2019

June was a busy month for SEOs, especially for those of us who spend some of our time with local SEO. Google has kept us on our toes with, not only a Core Algorithm Update, but a handful of updates to Google My Business and the local SERPS. These updates affect local businesses the most,…

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Building Trust for Your Service Area Business

By Chris Ratchford / May 17, 2019

As a local service area business, your goal is to find new customers and grow your business. Digital marketing efforts like local SEO and paid ads can help you find new customers, but you still need to convince them that you are the best option for their needs. This is when conversion optimization comes into…

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This is the advantage of joining a credible Bandarqq site

By Chris Ratchford / January 12, 2019

This is the advantage of joining a credible Bandarqq site This is the advantage of joining a credible Bandarqq site! Getting profit is certainly what all of you want to get, right? We make sure there is not one of you who doesn’t want this. However, all of you reading this don’t always get the…

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Increasing Opportunities for Trusted Online Gambling Sites

By Chris Ratchford / December 28, 2018

Increasing Opportunities for Trusted Online Gambling Sites! Many players who have joined a trusted online gambling site have the same chance and opportunity to win. Only you need to understand that increasing your chances is not easy. You need a separate understanding so you can win the game. Thus, as a player, of course, you must…

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Is Content Marketing the Best Approach for Local Businesses?

By Chris Ratchford / August 10, 2018

Today we have a guest post from Brandon Schmidt, Director of Digital Strategy at YDOP, an internet marketing company in Lancaster, PA that specializes in Local SEO, website design & development, digital advertising, video marketing, and conversion optimization. Most local businesses don’t benefit from traditional content marketing approaches. Learn why that is and how you can…

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Google My Business: Don’t Set It and Forget It

By Chris Ratchford / August 3, 2018

Today we have a guest post from Markella Haynes from MDG Advertising. At MDG Advertising, Markella develops and executes social media marketing strategies for clients across a wide array of industries, while leading the local search marketing efforts for the team. Google My Business: Don’t Set It and Forget It So you’ve accomplished one of…

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Google My Business Flowchart: The Ultimate Guide on How to Fix or Verify your Google Business Listings

By Chris Ratchford / May 3, 2018

Today we have a guest post from David Hunter of ASAPMaps & Epic Web Studios.  The flow chart he shares at the end of the article is an amazing resource to have so be sure to bookmark this article and refer back often! Google My Business is the free business listing platform that works with…

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Understanding Google’s Updated Structured Data Guidelines

By Chris Ratchford / January 18, 2016

Last March, Google revised their Structured Data Policies.  While most changes were relatively straightforward and clear, a few were not.  In fact, some policy changes are still not obvious no matter how many times you read over the guidelines.  Fortunately, I was able to get some clarification on a few items recently during a meeting…

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How to Launch Your Local Video Content Strategy (Part 2 of 2)

By Chris Ratchford / August 28, 2015

OK, so you’ve read part 1 of this article in the Local U blog about how video can be the foundation for a local content strategy. The hard part is the first step — doing the first couple of videos. Like most things in life, creating videos for your local business gets easier as you…

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Why Video Can Be the Foundation for Your Local Content Strategy (Part 1 of 2)

By Chris Ratchford / August 21, 2015

They just can’t seem to get it done! You hired a digital marketing company six months ago to move your website to the top of Google, and it’s not happening. They built a beautiful new website for you, but it’s stuck on page two. You call the marketing company weekly, and they just tell you…

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