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Chris designed his first website almost 25 years ago in the days of Macromedia Dreamweaver. Fast forward a dozen years later, Chris started his own “one-man” dental SEO agency, Prodentite, helping dentists with their online presence from custom dental websites and local SEO, to paid search. In 2012, Chris attended his first (of many) LocalU conference where he met Joy Hawkins and many other key contributors in the newly emerging world of local search.

How to Export Google Business Profile Data With NMX Dashboard Insights Report

By Chris Ratchford / January 22, 2023

How To Export Google Business Profile Data One of the biggest challenges agencies face working with small businesses is reporting. Historically, the process required to export Google Business Profile data has been complicated, and hard to find. However, this method used to export Google Business Profile data is simple, easy, and stress-free. It’s not a…

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Google Business Profiles Bugs and Fixes – December 2021

By Chris Ratchford / December 2, 2021

Google Business Profiles (GBP) are meant to help businesses make money and gain exposure. When GBP breaks, it can have costly effects on businesses. 5 major issues are plaguing GPB at the moment. You will either need to wait for Google the fix the issue while you slowly go out of business or take matters…

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Google Review Replies Disappearing

By Chris Ratchford / November 18, 2020

Nov 23, 2020 Update: The missing responses appear to all be back now. It’s another week and another round of Google review issues. On Wednesday, November 11th, there was a technical issue that prevented new Google from being published. This technical issue lasted two days. The team was able to identify the problem, and the…

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San Diego Personal Injury autocomplete

Google adds local listings to autocomplete

By Chris Ratchford / August 25, 2020

Google has rolled out an autocomplete feature to include local listings. Users can trigger autocomplete while performing a search directly on Google. Jason Brown tested this by typing San Diego Personal Injury lawyer and was presented with an option of a local listing. Google showed the full business name and address for the business in…

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How to Identify Local SEO Keywords in Bulk

By Chris Ratchford / August 12, 2020

If you do local SEO you’ll need to decide what keywords to target. Not every keyword triggers the ‘localization’ of SERPs. You’ll need to figure out which keywords do, so you can target them, and track their performance. If you’re doing local SEO for a big company with lots of locations or types of businesses,…

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Page Speed for SMB’s: Improving Page Speed

By Chris Ratchford / April 22, 2020

If you’ve been following along in this series, congratulations, you’ve made it to the end! If you’re just joining us, and want to get caught up, we’ve talked about why page speed matters and common page speed problems.  In the first post, I suggested that Time to First Byte (TTFB) and First Contentful Paint (FCP)…

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Page Speed for SMB’s: Common Page Speed Issues

By Chris Ratchford / April 15, 2020

In the first post of this series, I talked about the page speed metrics that I think make the most sense to focus on, Time to First Byte (TTFB) and First Contentful Paint (FCP). There are a lot of different tools that can help us diagnose the issues that commonly cause problems with these metrics.…

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Google My Business COVID 19 Post Type

By Chris Ratchford / April 7, 2020

Updated May 7, 2020 Google rolled out a new post type, COVID-19. The COVID-19 post does not allow a photo, likely because they will be featured higher up on the GMB listing. These posts will last up to 14 days as opposed to the normal 7 days posts. Google is trying to make it easier…

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Google Quiz

By Chris Ratchford / February 28, 2020
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Taking Advantage of the Google My Business Updates

By Chris Ratchford / July 15, 2019

June was a busy month for SEOs, especially for those of us who spend some of our time with local SEO. Google has kept us on our toes with, not only a Core Algorithm Update, but a handful of updates to Google My Business and the local SERPS. These updates affect local businesses the most,…

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