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Carrie comes to Sterling Sky with SEO experience that dates back to 2005! She has a passion for figuring out what works for each and every client and picking apart the problems that arise in our “it depends” relationship with Google. She has also been organizing and nurturing the LocalU Conference Series since 2017 – through to today – across a hectic few years of pandemic and back into in-person conferences again.

Google’s Carousel: Its Impact On Analytics … & A Spokane Taco Truck

By Carrie Hill / July 10, 2013

How has Google Carousel impacted your local search traffic? Much like Aaron Weiche’s blurry Bigfoot analogy (ask him about it next time you see him), Google Carousel results are a tad blurry. At first glance, the change appears to result in a drop in Google local traffic. Granted, these are only two examples (from restaurant…

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How To Segment Local Search In Google Analytics (with Free Dashboard!)

By Carrie Hill / July 8, 2013

A few weeks ago at Local University Advanced, I led a lab session session focused on local search analytics and how to better utilize advanced segmentation. We had great questions (as well as awesome suggestions) from an audience very eager to take a deep dive into local analytics. We could’ve easily taken another hour to go…

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A Local Homage to Google Reader

By Carrie Hill / July 2, 2013

With the official sunset of Google Reader yesterday, I thought I’d pay a simple homage with a few stories that have come across my screen in the last few months I’ve not yet had time to comment on. The Social Media Reality for SMBs Small businesses who’ve done more than dip their toes into the…

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A Heat Map Click Study For Google’s Local Carousel Results

By Carrie Hill / June 25, 2013

Last week I published a post where we recorded 10 random people’s reaction to Google Local Carousel results. I really found some great takeaways by looking at qualitative instead of quantitative behavior of searchers. After the study though, I wondered what the Click Through Rates of Carousel might be. In our study of 10 we found only…

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For Restaurant Owners, There May Be Nothing More Important Than Local Search

By Carrie Hill / April 22, 2013

Not a week goes by that I don’t see one of my friends/contacts on Twitter complaining about the state of restaurant websites. Poor usability and hard-to-find information are usually the big problems — specifically, either the lack of a current menu or a menu that’s only available in PDF form. That’s a real problem because,…

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Awesome Analytics Ninja? You Can Be One

By Carrie Hill / February 19, 2013

A couple weeks ago at Local University Austin, I posed the following questions during my presentation: 1) How many of you have analytics installed on your website? (Answer: About 25%) 2) How many  use analytics to make marketing decisions? (Answer: About 5%. “Ouch!”) 3) How many want to take advantage of analytics awesomeness to help…

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PHOTOS: Local U Austin Workshop, February 2013

By Carrie Hill / February 11, 2013

Our first Local U workshop of the year is in the books, and we all feel like Austin was a great success. We had more than 100 people in each of our two sessions, lots of helpful site clinics, great networking and so much more. Some of our team snapped a few photos during the…

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One-On-One SEO Help Can Make All The Difference

By Carrie Hill / February 7, 2013

At our latest Local University event in Austin, Texas I was reminded of how powerful individual attention with a small business website and their search engine optimization needs can be. At many of our events, we offer 30-minute private consultations following the 4-hour seminar that allows us to analyze an attendee’s website and provide specific…

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Progressive Insurance Agents Discuss Local U Workshops [VIDEO]

By Carrie Hill / January 24, 2013

We think Local U is a great fit for insurance agents — they’re exactly the type of local/small business we love to help. As it turns out, Progressive Insurance has sent some of its agents to our Local U workshops going back to our first year in 2010. And they’ve sent agents to several more…

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Facebook Graph Search: What Local U Faculty Members Think

By Carrie Hill / January 16, 2013

Facebook search is getting an upgrade and overhaul, and the local search aspects of it are worth watching. It’s called Facebook Graph Search. It’s considered a work-in-progress (ergo the “beta” label that Facebook gave it) and only a small percentage of Facebook users can access it right now. In a nutshell, Graph Search is a…

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