April 5, 2022 On Demand Access
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Thanks for purchasing a ticket or access to LocalU Advanced OnDemand.  Please feel free to absorb our content at your leisure.

The Slack channel is still open - although it is NOT monitored - you can get more info referenced during the sessions right on Slack. THIS CHANNEL IS NOT MONITORED - DO NOT POST THERE.  I'm not sure how long that channel will be up, but I'll try to leave it as long as I can.  If you have questions, you can always reach out to us at online@localu.org.

Watch LocalU Advanced April 5, 2022 OnDemand

Password: virtual-april2022


You can watch the Morning or evening session in full, or choose from an individual speaker's session.

If you're looking for a sponsor's slot, use the chapter navigation by clicking in the bottom right corner of the morning session videos.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the event - you can complete our survey, download presentations, and get our tl;dr booklet at https://localu.org/apr5feedback