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Podcast: Last Week in Local April 24th, 2017

Joy Hawkins (sitting in for Mary Bowling) and Mike Blumenthal discuss review spam, ranking, local content ideas and GMB updates for the week ending 4/24. Due to technical issues this week is audio only.   If you have a special topic you would like us to discuss for our other weekly feature, the Deep Dive in […]

Expert’s Guide to Local SEO Subscription Page

Your purchase of The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO comes with some added benefits!  Not only do you have a manual to help train your staff in all aspects of Local SEO, you also qualify for 3 free month’s subscription to updates for that guide – as well as 3-free-months access to the LocalU Forums! […]

2017 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey Results to Be Announced @ Local U Workshop

Whitespark’s Darren Shaw to Lead Analysis, Present Results in @ Seattle Workshop on February 27 The turn of the calendar always brings change, and I can already say there will be at least one in 2017: Darren Shaw of Whitespark will be taking over data collection, analysis, and publication of the Local Search Ranking Factors […]


Video Deep Dive: Leveraging Email for Local Businesses

This is the 13th installment this year of our Deep Dive Into Local series. For the week ending Monday, April 11th, Mary Bowling and Mike Blumenthal shared their thoughts about the previous week in local. The complete video, including links and commentary on critical happenings of the previous week is posted in the Local U […]