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Google My Business Changes Due to COVID-19

By March 23, 2020 March 27th, 2020 7 Comments

Updated March 27, 2020

Things with Google My Business (GMB) are changing so quickly it is hard to keep up with what is going on so I wanted to create a list of things that are different than normal currently.

  1. There are many reports on the GMB forum about businesses not able to add descriptions.
  2. There are many reports on the GMB forum about businesses having Posts rejected that don’t have violations in them.
  3. There are reports of businesses being marked temporarily closed that did not request it.  The solution here would be to un-mark the listing as closed in the GMB dashboard but if it doesn’t publish right away, contact GMB support.
  4. Google has shut off the ability for businesses to receive new reviews. This includes reviews left via Local Services ad listings. If a user goes to leave a review, it appears to work as normal but the review doesn’t show up anywhere.  This started on Friday, March 20, 2020.  I strongly recommend not asking for reviews until Google switches this back.  You’ll see Magic Kingdom, with over 150,000 reviews has not received a new review in the last 3 days.  They normally get tons every day.
  5. The Questions and Answers section on Google has been completely removed from listings.
  6. Photos that are added by users to a business listing are not showing live.
  7. Review responses posted by the business owner are not publishing.
  8. Most edits made in the GMB dashboard are pending.  Things outside of hours, attributes, and business descriptions are not being prioritized.
  9. GMB phone support and chat support no longer work.  The only way to contact GMB is to send an email.
  10. Google Posts have been temporarily permitted for chains.

Anything else you’re noticing that is different than normal?  Tell us in the comments or discuss with us here at the Local Search Forum.

For those that subscribe to our training, I have also added a list there and will be keeping it updated.


  • as soon as the Swiss government announced the restrictions, which impacted our business strongly, we have modified the “special hours” until the date given by the government. at the same time we published a post that we cannot have any personal contact anymore and that we will focus on our digital consulting. art valuation first via pictures is only superficial, but gives at least a benchmark for the client and is the first step.
    still evaluating if this post and immediate changes were noticed, but currently there are other factors to worry than these statistics. so we might come back to this post.

  • Ann Schmitter says:

    Just had my first post rejected by GMB. I have posted same one in the past, but thinking it’s due to the type of business? It’s a mortgage firm…and during the Covid-19 crisis, not sure we should be advertising mortgages??? I have posted on 8 other pages, no issues.

  • Niraj Pandey says:

    My listings are closed please register

  • GMB should be penalised for doing biased work.
    My business is not live and Google makes other business of my category live of packaging company.

  • Riad says:

    We manage school websites; the schools themselves are shut for physical classes but students are getting their courses online at home at regular timings everyday and admins / teachers do visit the schools for very limited timings for check-up and general support / hygiene. We received the “listing shut down” 2 times for all schools and we re-opened them and we changed the timings to suit the timings of the teachers’ availability online, especially that the schools were more than happy to support by phone and voip new parents’ enquiries, and they didn’t want to miss out on new students for next academic year, thinking that “shut down means I cannot call”. Every other day we publish updates and link back to the ministry of education official page. Hope this helps.

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