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[New Feature] Google Posts with Multiple Images

By February 21, 2020 No Comments

A few days ago we posted a bit of a progression of how Google Posts were Borked, Broken & Bonkers.  I won’t rehash all the issues – but I left you at the end with a vague “then we had a new feature” tease for this article.

Google is now allowing users to upload multiple photos into their image posts.  While this is a great feature and can allow some creative storytelling – I am hearing from a few that the images are sometimes posting out of order.  So it’s a great feature, but there are a few bugs to still work out!

Claire Carlile from created a post for Jin Talog in Wales and the images posted out of order and would not swipe on a mobile device.  I tried it myself and you can see there was no indication of more than 1 photo or a way to swipe on the mobile version:


I was able to see all 4 images plus scroll through them on desktop, though.  I went into the user interface and was allowed to select 10 images or so for regular pots, as well as event & offer posts – and it looked like I could pick more.  It would be really cool to create storyboards for this feature that show a progression of a story (kinda like a flipbook) but I”m not sure the return would be worth the time investment.

There has been some speculation that posts were borked for the week or two before this new feature because they were trying to roll out the new features.  It’s likely that’s related, but Google will never admit it.

We’d love to hear your ideas for storyboards and other creative ways to take advantage of this feature – how are you using it?



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