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Google Showing 3-Day Change of Ownership Notification

By January 29, 2020 February 4th, 2020 No Comments

Cordell Crowley shared a screenshot of a message in the Local Search Forums that basically promised a 3-day turnaround when requesting ownership access to Google MyBusiness listings.

In most cases y you had to wait for about 7-days before you could get control of an already claimed listing.  Historically - there wasn't even a number of days tied to the turnaround.  Google is slowly shrinking the gap.

Waiting to get access was especially problematic if a business had a change in personnel and access was tied to a previous employee's Google account, or they took the Google Logins with them when they left.

This is not a blanket change - Cordell also reported they had quite a few that displayed the 7-day message still - and that this particular 3-day message came for a Service Area Business.

Are you seeing a shorter turn around time for taking over an already claimed listing? Discuss it with us at the Local Search Forums