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The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – April 2019 Updates

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What’s New?
It’s May! We’re nearly to summer, are you ready?

Joy is so very close to releasing the guide in a searchable, subscription based, website format – easier to update, and easier for you to find the things that are important, quickly! Hopefully we have usernames and passwords to you soon!

April’s updates include the following:

  • Added a tip for how to avoid getting a suspension on your listing.
  • Updated the section on how to report a fake listing.
  • Updated the page for contacting Google My Business to update changes to the forum & add the redressal form.
  • Updated all references to the Google My Business forum to reflect its new location and the inability to report spam there.
  • Updated the list of Help Articles to follow and included the new announcements page for Google My Business.
  • Added a section on things to know about editing on Google Maps & the Local Guides program.
  • Updated the section on how to track GMB activity in Search Console.
  • Updated the section on how to format UTM codes in GMB.
  • Updated the List of GMB Categories to show the 11 categories Google My Business added in the last few months and the 1 they removed.
  • Deleted one of the tricks for figuring out what GMB category to use as it no longer works and the method added last month works better.
  • Updated the section for how to fix the photo Google is showing in the Knowledge Panel.
  • Updated the Moving your Business section to clarify if moving locations causes a decrease in ranking.
  • Added a case study from a business we work with who recently moved.
  • Added a section clarifying why it’s so important to be aware of Google My Business category changes and how it impacts ranking.
  • Added a section that clarifies if optimizing for near me terms is a strategy that works.

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