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Video: Last Week in Local April 8, 2019

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Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.;

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Walmart, Google Team For Voice Grocery Shopping 04/02/2019

Source: www.mediapost.com

Mike: The mega-retailer just partnered with Google to create Walmart Voice Order for shoppers to add items to their grocery list by saying the name of the item.

For example, after a shopper activates the assistant by saying “Hey Google, talk to Walmart,” they can say “add soda to my cart,” and the system recalls that the consumer generally purchases six-packs of Coca-Cola cans and adds that.

How the GMB Guidelines Stack Up Across the Ecosystem – Sterling Sky Inc

Source: www.sterlingsky.ca

Mary: @Colan Nielsen compares guidelines for GMB with those of other local platforms

Google Local Spammy Lead Gen Listings & How they Work on the Ground

Source: blumenthals.com

Mary: Mike B provides some perspective on Google spam and says: “OK people are not dying but Google Local is. The scale and scope of lead gen spam in Google Local could be fatal to consumer trust.”

Billion Dollar Bully – A documentary examining Yelp

Source: www.youtube.com

Mary: See the trailer for Billion Dollar Bully to be released May 21!

Is Yelp Monetizing Consumer Trust with Its New ‘Verified’ Badge? – BrightLocal

Source: www.brightlocal.com

Mary: @TomWaddington8 tells us just how helpful is Yelp’s new Verified Badge feature to local businesses and their consumers.

Social Wins, Paid-Search and Display Lose in SMB Marketing Survey | LSA Insider

Source: www.lsainsider.com

Mike: Social media and websites were top of the SMB marketing priority list. With events and email in 3rd and 4th place. In interesting survey that is worth looking for the usage vs effectiveness charts.

Web Hosting for Small Business  |  Solutions  |  Google Cloud

Source: cloud.google.com

Mike: Who knew? Google is now hosting WordPress site.

Google’s constant product shutdowns are damaging its brand | Ars Technica

Source: arstechnica.com

Mike: Interesting while Local has stabilized the rest of the product line is shit. And in the case of Local their approach to SMS in local is a good example of enticing companies into the GMB with a critical communication feature only to threaten to discontinue it.

Google Duplex Rolling Out to Google Assistant on iOS – The Mac Observer

Source: www.macobserver.com

Mike: Now you can ask Google to make your restaurant reservations for you on your iPhone

Launch: Product Catalog in the Business Profile on desktop Search – Google My Business Help

Source: support.google.com

Mike: Before, items that businesses add through Product Editor appeared exclusively in Business Profiles on the mobile version of Google Search. Now, customers can see businesses’ Product Catalog on Google Search both on the computer and mobile.

A good reason to do product posts.

About Product Editor & Product Catalog – Google My Business Help

Source: support.google.com

Mike: Just for reference, the Product Editor is a limited beta test that allows small Retail merchants to upload products to their business listing directly.

Finding Google Local Spam at Scale


Source: blumenthals.com

Mike: Using the allintitle command and the Local Finder, instead of Maps, you can surface name spam at scale. Have fun!!!

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