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The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – March ’19 Updates

By April 3, 2019 May 24th, 2019 No Comments

It’s April already!  How did that happen?

Joy finally broke the 300 page barrier!  Status: Epic!  Achievement: #Guru

March’s updates include the following:

  • Added a section to show a new tool that helps you pick what categories to use in Google My Business based on what competitors are using.
  • Added a way to see the city a SAB is using for their address since Google removed it from the Knowledge Panel.
  • Updated the first method for finding duplicate listings at the same address as the method to do this has changed.
  • Added a 5th method to find duplicate listings on Google Maps.
  • Added a section to indicate what words cause posts & reviews to get filtered and a list of 42 different words that currently trigger Google’s filter & rejections on posts (will be updating this regularly).
  • Added a section to clarify what business types are allowed practitioner listings and why.
  • Updated the timeline of updates to include everything that’s happened so far in March.

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