Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – February 2019 Updates

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We're excited to bring you information on the February updates to The Expert's Guide to Local SEO. Joy's guide is now nearly 300 pages of cutting edge local SEO information. It's big, but it is searchable - so get your copy today if you haven't already done so!

Updates in February include:

  • Updated the section on how to see GMB Insights for a longer period than 90 days and added a new tool that stores your historic data.
  • Added more information to the section on how future opening dates work.
  • Updated the timeline of updates to include everything that’s happened so far in February.
  • Updated the instructions for how to claim an already-verified service area business listing.
  • Added a section showing how to update the address on a service area business listing.
  • Updated the section on tracking traffic from GMB in Search Console.
  • Added a section to Q&A to clarify if the content in Q&A impacts ranking.
  • Added a section showing how the label for a temporarily closed listing looks and how you can get it applied on a listing.

If you haven't purchased your copy yet, be sure to do so ASAP!

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