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Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – January Updates

By February 3, 2019 February 4th, 2019 No Comments

Hello Local Search Enthusiasts!

The updates to The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO have been published and sent to subscribers. This month’s additions to the 290+ page guide include the following:

  • Updated the  List of GMB Categories to show the 3 categories Google My Business added in January.
  • Added information about a recent test that was done on adding unrelated categories in Google My Business and how it impacts ranking.
  • The third method I have for finding duplicate listings stopped working.  Removed it and added another method to replace it.
  • Added a section about ads in the Knowledge Panel.  What you need to know about them, how to get them removed, and what GMB features they conflict with.
  • Updated the section on Google My Business Messaging to reflect that you can no longer set up SMS.
  • Updated the timeline of updates to include everything that’s happened so far in January
  • Added a trick to see all the listings in a GMB Agency dashboard.
  • Added a trick to the spam section to show how you can see what was at a location in the past.

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