The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – November Updates

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Updates to the expert's guide to Local SEO have been sent out to subscribers and it's jam-packed with amazing content this month.

Take a look at Joy's updates for November - and get your copy today!

  • Added a tip to the 3rd method for finding duplicate GMB listings to get a list that only shows the listings in a particular suite.
  • Added a guide for how to format spam reports to Google and a Chrome Extension that makes it easier to grab the CID number from the listing you’re looking at.
  • Added a note clarifying the issue with deleting hours in the GMB dashboard and how to get around it.
  • Added a way to get email notifications for things like reviews and Q&A for people who manage a GMB account with more than 100 listings.
  • Updated the chart/list of GMB attributes to remove the bug that was impacting Women Led & Veteran Led from showing up.
  • Added the one new GMB category that was added in November to the list of category changes.
  • Updated the timeline of updates to include everything that’s happened so far in November.
  • Did you know Google has the ability to block a listing from getting new reviews? Added a section explaining the criteria needed for this to happen and how it works.
  • The contact form for Local Services Ads no longer works. Replaced it with a new one that works & the email address you can use to contact the LSA team at Google.
  • Added to the GMB Insights section to clarify how branded searches differ from direct searches.
  • Removed all content and sections related to Google Plus.

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