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Updates to The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – October 2018

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Lots of updates this month – if you’re a service area business -this month and next are going to bring some big changes and clarity for sure.  This guide is over 280 pages of must-have information – so if you haven’t purchased yours yet, make sure you do it today!

  • Updated the Service Area Business guidelines section to add 2 use cases for when SABs are allowed multiple listings.
  • Does Yelp allow virtual offices to be listed?  I got an answer from a Yelp spokesperson that clarifies how their policies differ from Google’s.
  • Updated the section on Yelp Review policies to add what Yelp does to a business caught with fake reviews and how you can report a business to Yelp that is doing this.
  • Updated the Google Posts section to replace some images that showed Posts in the wrong spot since Google moved them.
  • Added a section clarifying how you can get the Located In feature on your listing and how this applies to practitioner listings.
  • Updated the attributes section and clarified the change to the highly rated attribute.
  • Updated the Google My Business category change list to show the category changes in October.
  • Updated the GMB Agency Dashboard section to explain how the migration tool works.
  • How does the new future opening date feature work?  Here is what you need to know.
  • Updated the timeline of updates to include everything that’s happened so far in October.

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