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The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO Updates – April 2018

By May 2, 2018 One Comment

Joy has updated The Expert's Guide to Local SEO and in April it broke the 250 page barrier!  Along with updating information on review gating, the guide this month includes a section on keyword research for Local SEO, a list of new categories added for Google MyBusiness, and some examples of Schema markup that can help you add product pricing to your search results.

Here were the items updated in April 2018

  • Removed the section on pre-filling the five stars on Google since this is no longer possible.
  • Added a section about Google’s new policy for review gating.
  • Updated the timeline to add all the updates and changes that happened in the month of April.
  • How to get the highly-rated attribute on your listing.
  • Added a really helpful tool that will give you the CID number of any listing on Google.
  • Added an example Schema code to get product pricing in the search results.
  • Added a section covering how to do keyword research for Local SEO.
  • Added a section that covers Yelp’s review solicitation penalty: How do you know you have it?  How long does it last?  How bad is the ranking drop?
  • Google My Business added 18 new categories since January and removed 7.  Added all the changes to the category change log.
  • Updated the section on how to choose what categories to use since this process just got much easier.
  • Added a section that includes tips for how seasonal businesses should structure their categories.

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