The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – January Updates

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Joy has updated the Expert's Guide to Local SEO and we're proud to announce it is over 225 pages of cutting-edge problem-solving techniques!  Now is a great time to get in on the knowledge and get your copy!  Don't forget to subscribe to the updates, they're a key component in keeping current in the ever-changing world of Local Search & SEO.  Joy did a round-up post about all the changes posted to the guide at the SterlingSky blog! Definitely worth a read!

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December's updates were pretty numerous, despite it being a holiday month - Google and Joy were pretty busy!

  • Updated the moved feature section to add a piece of information that I got from Google about the difference between merging and moving a listing.
  • Added the sign-up form to get Local Services by Google ads to show up on Google Assistant.
  • Added a section on business hours clarifying the different rules that apply to servicearea businesses, seasonal businesses and storefronts.  Also added a section clarifying what a business should do if they have a storefront but don’t want to show up as “closed” during the night when they are willing to accept emergency calls.
  • Added a section covering 3rd party tools that sync with Google My Business (Yext, Moz Local) and what you need to know before using them.
  • Added an example of someone who got a spammy structured markup penalty due to review schema and what they concluded about if marking up 3rd party reviews has anything to do with it.
  • Added a section on best practices for agencies who manage tons of GMB listings.
  • Added as section on Google’s new verification process explaining exactly how it works and how it makes it impossible for another company to hold a GMB listing hostage.
  • Added a fourth way to find duplicate listings that works really well if you’re trying to get a list of all the locations for a specific company.
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