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November Updates to The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

By December 5, 2017 No Comments

What's New?

This month Joy gives us the details on the pitfalls of soliciting reviews, as well as more information on Local Services Ads (formerly Home Service Ads).
Here are this month's updates:

  • Businesses using a particular review soliciting service had tons of Google reviews removed from July-October 2017. I dug into what might have caused this by analyzing one of the emails they were sending out to customers to get these reviews.  Here is what you should avoid doing if you want to avoid having your Google reviews filtered.
  • Updated the Home Service Ads section to reflect the rebranding to Local Services byGoogle.  Added a link to the new sign-up form along with the phone number and email contact for Local Services by Google.
  • Added a section on the process for how to get a review removed that violates theGoogle review guidelines.
  • What do you need to know about the new Google My Business Dashboard on search and what two items currently show there which are nowhere in the regular version of the dashboard.
  • Added a section addressing if Google posts impact ranking and if the content in the post directly correlates with the keywords that the business ranks for.
  • There is one particular 3rd party directory that Google will actually look at to verify business details (most they ignore). I listed which one this is and a possible explanation on why Google might find it more authoritative than the rest.

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