October Updates To The Expert’s Guide to SEO

By November 3, 2017 No Comments

October updates to The Expert's Guide to Local SEO are here!  Have you purchased your copy yet?  Now is a good time - with updates free for 3 months, now is a great time to buy your copy!

  • Verification and Home Service Ads are separate things.  Set up a specific page for Advanced Verification clarifying on how it’s different than Home Service ads.
  • Updated section on Home Service Ads to clarify the change that happened in October.
  • Removed sections on Home Service Ads related to home-based businesses that no longer apply and updated the history.
  • Added the link to sign up for Home Service Ads (it changed).
  • Added a trick to verify a listing at an old address.
  • The calls that show up in Google My Business Insights are only counting about 30-50% of the real number of calls you get from GMB.  Added a way to track all the calls you get from Google My Business.
  • Google My Business has changed the process for what to do with practitioners that leave your practice and now work somewhere else.  I updated this section to include what you should do when this happens.

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