The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – July Updates!

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August 2017 Update
July Changes Posted in
The Expert's Guide to Local SEO

What's New?

July saw quite a few changes in The Expert Guide to Local SEO.  Joy added 7 new pages and updated a bunch of information as it changed.

Included in your purchase is 3 months of free updates - a $90 value, as well as 3 month's membership to the LocalU Forums - a $390 Value!

Here are the updates posted this month!

  • The direct link to get the page for phone support has changed (and become harder to find). I updated the link in the guide.
  • Google has changed the way they list the contact for their support team inside the GMB dashboard.  I updated this section to make the current direct contact methods accurate.
  • I removed tool from list of recommendations as it has been very buggy lately with sites I've used it on.
  • Google is showing a stupid photo in the knowledge panel. How do I fix this?
  • How do I fix an incorrect address on Google Maps?
  • I have tested and found that reporting spammers (users) in the Local Guides forum is not the most efficient or quickest method.  I updated my recommended process for how to report a spammer.
  • How can you confirm that Google understands the location you’re searching from and thus is showing you accurate local results?
  • Have you ever searched on Google and seen 3 businesses in the 3-pack but then noticed you don’t get the same 3 businesses when you click to go to the Local Finder.  This section explains the most common reason why that happens.


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