June Update – The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO

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May was a busy month in Local SEO, Joy updated and added a lot of content to The Expert's Guide to Local SEO.  If you haven't purchased your copy, and subscribed to the updates - you're missing out on a plethora of information!

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What's New?

This month's updates are pretty extensive, so buy your guide & subscribe to updates today to keep on top of this ever changing landscape.  An updated strategy is a strong strategy!

  • Updated the list of GMB categories to include the 3 new categories Google added in May.
  • Is it okay to mark up 3rd party reviews to get stars in the organic results? What is the proper way to add schema so that the aggregate markup applies to the entire business and not a specific product?  Here is a sample code that has been tested and works that you can easily modify.
  • Moderating edits on desktop is now open to all users. Here are 3 ways you can get edits approved faster and how you can moderate and review edits now that MapMaker is dead.  If you find a user that is submitting spammy edits, there is now a way to report them.
  • Google has a new alerting feature for businesses when they have new photos added to their listing.
  • What should you do if a competitor is offering incentives for people to leave him reviews?
  • If 2 businesses operate out of the same address, is this a problem for Local SEO and ranking?  Should you add a suite number to differentiate them?
  • Does activity that comes from AdWords Location Extensions get counted in Google My Business Insights?
  • Added a way to check the GMB forum to see if a wave of the review filter just hit or there is a bug going on.
  • Added how to see if reviews you’ve written for a business have been filtered and aren’t publicly visible.
  • Added a tip on how to find more duplicate listings for practitioners who are in the medical industry (dentists, chiropractors etc) and attorneys.
  • Added 3 ways to deal with issues with how Street View appears in the knowledge panel.

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