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May Updates to The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – What’s New?

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May Updates to The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO have been sent to subscribers!

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What’s New?

This month’s updates are pretty extensive, so buy your guide & subscribe to updates today to keep on top of this ever changing landscape.  An updated strategy is a strong strategy!

  • Photo spam in GMB: How do I see what photos users have uploaded to my listing?  Is there a way to automatically track when new photos get added?  What’s the best method to report an abusive photo if I see one on my listing?
  • What brands need to know about naming consistency and how it impacts ranking in the 3-pack.
  • What’s the best way to get a list and map of zip codes in a specific city?
  • What is the blue dot in the 3-pack?

  • Google constantly updates the list of available business categories for GMB, only they never tell us when they do. Here is a timeline of what categories have been added and removed in 2017.
  • 4 Tips for optimizing a local business website.  Should you list NAP in the footer of your website? How should you properly format the phone number?
  • If a patient posts a review on Google that violates HIPPA, can it be removed?
  • Updated the guide I reference to properly track form submissions from Gravity Forms
  • Ways to make image optimization easier for small businesses

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